Stefan Arseneau

Miller Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University

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About Me

I am an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins studying Physics and Mathematics, with a strong minor in Earth & Planetary Science. I work with Professor Nadia Zakamska and Vedant Chandra studying the mass-radius relation of white dwarfs in wide binaries with main sequence stars.

Previously I worked on the CLASS Telescope under Professor Toby Marriage, characterizing aerogel scattering filters in collaboration with Tom Essinger-Hileman at NASA Goddard.


Currently, I’m studying white dwarfs in wide binaries with main sequence stars, but I’m interested in a wide variety of things from a wide variety of fields. More information on my current and past research can be found on my research page.


My publications can be found here, on arxiv and here, on ADS.


Here’s the latest version of my CV (pdf).